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Friday, 7 January 2011

Daytona & Port Orange

By October 1st I had to part with my house for the next six months.  We spend the winter in our other home on the West Coast of Florida and, sadly, Wentworth Court won't exactly go in the case.

Luckily we live just round the corner from one of the very few doll's house shops in the whole of Florida - Nancy's - so that got a few visits and a few spends from me.  I'd also trawled the web to find any Fairs we could do.  On the 7th January we took off for Daytona Beach for an overnighter to visit a Dollhouse Fair in Port Orange the following day.  Note the American/English difference – dollhouse in America, doll’s house in the UK.  It was a small but interesting group of mostly fairly amateur makers of stuff.  I got a few bits and bobs but it didn't take very long to get round.

We didn't see it as a wasted trip as we got a couple of days seeing somewhere else.

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