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Sunday, 12 April 2015

What am I doing now?

This is a link to all my blog addresses if you want to see what I am working on now.

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Goodbye 1/12ths

I need to return my workroom back to a spare bedroom so I have decided I can't continue with 1/12th doll housing.  I am a tidy freak and there is no where else in our small house where I can work on this stuff without it looking untidy all the time.  It isn't too big a wrench because, unlike most other people, I don't keep my houses when they are done.  Our house just isn't big enough to display doll's houses hither and yon, so when I start a new one I have to sell its predecessor: selling The Willows half done is just sort of like having to sell it a bit early!

I hope to continue in the hobby and carry on going to shows and writing for DH & MS magazine but I shall be working in Quarter Scale (1/48th).  Fingers crossed it grabs me.

My starting project is a bit of a challenge for folk who know what they are doing - nothing like jumping in at the deep end.  Take a look at:  The Gatehouse and follow me there if you want to see how I get on.

Meanwhile The Willows has gone to a lady who is organising her own doll's house fair this month and it will be  on show there as a work in progress and will be completed and brought back next year to show the finished project.  If you can possibly get to Rochdale on 25th August do try to support her (and her husband's) hard work.  It sounds as if it will be fun.

Whibley's Dolls House Fair and Exhibition
Monday 25 August 2014
10.30am to 4pm
Open Door Coffee House at Horse Carrs
Shawclough Road
Ol12 6LG
Exhibition of Dolls Houses and box rooms. Exhibition of Miniature working steam engines. Scalextric challenge (for Charity). Various small scale traders.
Plus the Coffee House will be open for lunches and cake.
Entry fee: Adults £2. Children £1 (accompanied)

Contact: Andrew Newing
 07577 758861

Footnote:  I am selling all my 1/12th stuff if you go to Lilliput it will tell you where to see it and how to buy.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

For Sale

Chocolat is for sale.  I only have room for two houses in my real house when a third one comes in, one of the others has to leave.  It is Chocolat's turn.  If you are interested please email me: mormson@gmail.com.  If you want to see lots of photos, click here:  Chocolat - finished.  There are seven other web albums for Chocolat, so there is a ton to go at.  Plus its own blog: click here: Chocolat


It is being sold empty ready for you to make it into any shop you like.  The name comes off easily, so it can be whatever you want it to be.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

New project

I have started a new project.  Click here if you want to look at it The Willows and don't forget to 'follow by email' if you want to follow its progress.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day thought

Just in case you find yourself here for the first time I thought I'd let you know how my blogs work.  I have one for each project.  Some are sold (!), some are finished and some are just ideas with maybe some bits of collecting being done for them;  but there will always be one blog with a project in process. 

I do one 'build' in the summer when I am in the UK and one in the winter in the USA.  

At the time of writing my 2013 summer project was Chocolat.  That project is finished and will appear in a series of articles in Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine next year.  

I am now in Naples in Florida for the winter and my current project is one of a set of three, quarter scale, houses.  The blog for this is My Quarter Life.  So, until I return to the UK in April and begin my 2014 Summer project the quarter scale blog will be the active one.

I do sometimes nip in and out of the others for some reason or another but, in the main the two active blogs will be the current project and the Dolls House Shows blog.

Monday, 2 September 2013


I am selling off my stash - about 200 items - the first forty are ready to go.  Click here Lilliput Minis or on the link in the right hand column.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Unpicking the threads

The last post here was six months ago and was to say that the photos were a bit screwed up.  Even worse news for anyone finding this blog for the first time - the web albums are now about to disappear.  

I have loads of web albums some public and some private and I pay for extra space to do it.  This means that every once in a while I have to go in and cull some to keep space available for current sharing.  The time has come to remove the Wentworth web albums.

Even though I no longer have the house and am working on my third project it is still 'disturbing' to be shedding it in this way.  I apologise to the folk - who like me - love trawling through other people's work for ideas.

I do still have all the photos of course in my computer so if anyone ever wants to have a look at them - please just email me and I will be happy to make them available.