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Sunday, 12 September 2010

First Dolls House Fair

As soon as I bought the house I was off shopping for it.  I bought quite a bit of stuff from Dolls House Emporium and found a great doll's house shop in Bolton about half an hour from where I live.  Unfortunately a lot of what I rushed into buying doesn't work for one reason or another.  It has taken me a full six months to realise that you really have to apply the breaks and know precisely what it is you want and look for that.  It isn't rocket science if you think of it in real-life terms.  If you were buying for a new home it wouldn't be any use running around picking up stuff hither and yon because it caught your eye or you hadn't quite made up your mind about that particular room.  If you want to save yourself a lot of wasted money approach the miniature version in the same way.

Even my major purchase - the house itself - is probably not the best choice for me; but it has taken six months to realise it.  I have discovered as I've gone along that I would really like to work on a miniature rather than a doll's house.  The DHE house is good (although perhaps also more expensive than elsewhere) if you want a doll's house.  I now wish I'd bought a more realistic shell which I could clad in real bricks and roof tiles and drainpipes etc and create a realistic 1/12th model.  This is a big consideration before you even start.  I hadn't realised the possibility of it back in September.  Now I am this far down the line (May 2011) I know that everything needs thinking about in detail before galloping on.  This hobby is teaching me patience if nothing else.

On the 12th September I went to my first Dolls House Fair at Stafford.  It is quite a large one and therefore literally hundreds of thousands of objects to look at.  When you realise how long you can spend in a shop and then multiply this up by seventy plus traders you can imagine the time spent there.  Talk about a child in a sweet shop.  Stfford is one well worth doing again.

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