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Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I am genuinely feeling a bit sad when I am writing this.  38 Wentworth Court sold on the 28th September 2012. 

It is still with me for a little while longer as its new owner couldn't take possession until the 22nd of this month.

Such a bundle of mixed feelings.  On a purely practical level it makes sense if this hobby is to continue   We can't possibly have more than two (and a small one!) houses in this house at any one time and, as most of you know, I have Bentleys, Chocolat and Starfish Cottage all taking up space right now.  Also, as I don't want a house to dress and redress as some people do, it will just sit there in stasis and somehow that doesn't really suit me.

As I have said before it was a very personal house, representing bits and pieces of my life with my children and therefore evoking those and other memories when I looked inside it.  That has made the parting harder I think.

On the other hand I am really happy to think it will go on to make someone else happy and that it will have another life and be filled with other stories.  I wonder what its next life will be.  I suspect it might travel back in time from 1990.....

I wish it and its new owners (large and small) all happiness.

(Don't forget, my articles about it are still running in Dolls House and Miniatures magazine from September through to March)


  1. Been following your articles in the magazine and it is a lovely house, sad to see that you have had to sell it :(.

    1. Thanks Diane. Yes it was sad to see it go but, as I said, my home is too small for this hobby! I hope you are following Bentleys and will stick around for the other stuff. I may have 'quit' on Wentworth Court but my passion for mini stuff endures. I hope to write more for Dolls House and Miniature Scene so you may find me there again sometime.