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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

House up for Sale

Well, I've done it... the Wentworth is up for Sale.

I thought I might wait until next Summer but on consideration, now it has been emptied, it probably doesn't matter when it goes.  I will be sad to see it go, but it will be nice to regain the space on the chest of drawers in the bedroom.  That will mean all my doll house hobby will be tidily contained in my 'office'.  I do like 'tidy'!

Here's the advert in case anyone is interested.  It is listed under the Dolls House category and is headed 'Celebrity' Wentworth Court Dolls House.

This is the Wentworth Court which is currently featuring in Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine. 
There are seven articles running from September through to next  March.
It also has an accompanying Blog and a CD of photographs.

It is being sold unfurnished, so it is ready for you to make it your own.
Please contact me for links to its web albums and its Blog where you can find masses of more information.  EBay prevents such links being included here.

Dolls House Emporium Wentworth with Burghley basement.
Quick Style – i.e. DHE professionally finished exterior.
Decorated and trimmed throughout down to the tiniest detail such as a door bell.
Good quality real wood floors.
Blinds at all the windows.
Sixteen lights including two chandeliers.
Four fireplaces, all light up.
Wiring in place and everything working.
Fitted ELF kitchen.

Total value of items over £700.
No reserve price so this starting point is a real bargain.

Smoke free, pet free home.

Must be collected from Bury, Lancashire - too large and heavy to post.  
Prefer cash on pick up please, but you can pay to my Paypal account if you prefer.

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