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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Lights and Floors

Up until now the work has been pretty haphazard; I've just done things as I've bought them.  This usually entails moving stuff in and out every time I want to do something.  I've finally realised I need to buckle down and finish the build.  The rooms need flooring and to do this they need the lights putting in first as the wires run along grooves in the floor above's ceiling.  I can't even put the last of the roofing paper on until I get the top floor lit as the the wiring for their lights run down a groove in the roof.  I made it my mission to buy lights and floors (only!!) from the first UK show I went to.  This was the Leeds show on the 16th April.  I did manage to get real wood floors for three rooms and tiles for the kitchen floor.  I bought lights for three rooms too.  Sadly I managed to buy a chandelier for the girl's bedroom which I already had at home.  This is the penalty for buying six months before and not keeping proper lists. Another lesson learned.  So, in the main, the house is now lit and floored on three floors and shouldn't need to be shoved around hither and yon to complete the top floor (purchases at the next show?)

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