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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Flying Visit

I paid a flying visit to my Wentworth for Christmas.  The couple of weeks did include a Christmas break at home and visitors and some gardening but I managed to squeeze in a little Doll's House playing.  For Wentworth it consisted of doing some dusting and general tidying ... a woman's work is never done ...  and adding a couple of bits and bobs.  The most important of these was 'hanging' the pictures I'd taken home.  I then decided that as it is pretty close to finished I ought to do a set of room pictures.  That said there may be changes ahead.  I noticed items which might work better in LTP and be replaced by something else, such as the wash stand in the bathroom which I haven't plumbed in yet for the modern house and other bits of furniture and vases of flowers.  I don't think either of these properties will remain static for very long in my care.  For the moment if you want to have a look at the nearly finished product I have posted about two dozen pictures in the photo album....  Wentworth Court Contents    

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