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Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Stafford Show 11th September 2011

Nothing much to write here I'm afraid.  If you want to know how the whole weekend went you'll need my Clavering Blog.  In short the Stafford Show lasted me about six hours and I could probably have done another hour!  I was pleasantly surprised as on the way there I was (mis)remembering it from last year and saying to Ken I'd be done in a couple of hours at the outside as I didn't remember it as being all that interesting.  How wrong I was.  There were over 90 stalls I think and many of them were various original crafts people so plenty to look at even if I couldn't afford to buy their pieces.  Then there was what I think of as the middling ground which is where I consider my self to be - something a bit better than Chinese imports but not museum quality - and there was certainly enough to go at there.  I came away with a few things for Wentworth Court even though I have a two page A4 list of things I still need/want to get.  I'm not sure if this was because I was too much focussed on the new baby (Le Tout Paris)!  If you go to look at the photos in my albums (link on the right) you'll see some wonderful salads and a piece of roast beef.  The detail in these is excellent and the colours are really accurate.  Generally the people who make these things use bright (unblended?) colours which makes them look like toys not miniatures.  This lady makes superb stuff and I shall be going back for more.  If you want to check out her items go to Amanspeak Miniatures.  She also had a very nice carving knife and fork which I bought.  So along with a tube of toothpaste, staffy dogs for the mantelpiece, a roasting tin and cat food dish, that was it for Wentworth.

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