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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bed number four and windows...

I am in the process of making the fourth set of bedding which means the two beds I am working on will have had two sets of bedding each!!  I liked the quilt set for the master bedroom except that I was fidgety about the colour as it wasn't quite right for the room; then a new piece of furniture arrived (for the bathroom) which has settled nicely into the corner of the bedroom so now it is out with the shabby chic and in with a more glam style.  I'll show the end result when I get there.

Meanwhile, never one to work on one thing at a time,  I am attacking the windows.  All eight on the front of the house have roller blinds - such a doddle to make; though when you find me ironing one inch pieces of thread it is probably reasonable to suggest I've lost the plot.

I then went on to make some simple cotton curtains for the girls room.  I am reasonably pleased with them for a first attempt.  That's the downside of this miniature business you make something for the first time and you could see a few ways of making it better but you won't be making another doll's house so all the learning goes to waste (pretty much).  I am giving some thought to making bits and bobs to sell on E-Bay.  Stuff that I have changed my mind about has gone all right so far and a few bits I've made have also sold.  I do have visions of the process I am now engaged in being finite and then what?

You can see the girl's curtains and the ones I made for the bathroom in my Made by Me album.  I am pretty sure the bathroom nets will go on to be sold as they are a bit over the top for my taste.

The other photos I've posted are of the kitchen.  It looks much as it did before but I have added the stuff I got in York and some gingham check blinds which I made so it is getting a more lived in look.  I was joking about that yesterday as my real house never has a lived in look.  K and I are obsessively tidy and it always looks as though we are expecting an estate agent to call - which is pretty much the truth of it if you live with me!

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